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ViyaSerum™ - Spray Capilar Fortalecedor Anti Queda

ViyaSerum™ - Spray Capilar Fortalecedor Anti Queda

ViyaSerum™ - Spray Capilar Fortalecedor Anti Queda

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    No more hair loss with our powerful anti-hair loss spray!

Losing your hair can erode your confidence and change your perception of yourself and your place in the world. From a young child to an adult woman, we have been conditioned by the media, entertainment and fashion industry to believe that shiny, healthy hair is a symbol of beauty, youth, femininity and sexuality. That's why losing hair can be so devastating, as we feel like all of these "attractive" qualities are being taken away from us, often without warning. The "GROWTHPLUS ™ Nourishing ginger spray" ensures that this is a thing of the past, because it promotes hair growth of strong and healthy hair. Prevents split ends and frizz while adding extra shine, volume and length. The boost of vital nutrients noticeably promotes hair growth.

Preventing Hair Loss

This nourishing hair spray, enriched with natural, hair-loving ingredients without chemicals and without perfume, slows down hair loss while healing damaged scalp, bald spots and thinning hair.


✔ Increases hair volume - You will increase hair volume, shine and softness, with less hair loss and improved length over time.

✔ Natural is better - Our spray contains no silicones, parabens, SLS or artificial fragrances, for your complete peace of mind.

✔ Restore damaged hair follicle - Our spray repairs damaged hair follicle by deep cleansing away harmful toxins (such as silicones and parabens) and removing excess oils and infusing each individual hair with fulvic acid.

✔ No more thinning hair - Our spray stimulates hair follicle health, helps prevent oily scalp and improves thinning and fall out.


What do our customers say?


When I bought this product I didn't expect too much from it because it was not that expensive compared to other products. I bought it because my hair was falling out. I have used it twice so far and I can see a difference in my hair.

- Nick J.


I bought this last fall when I felt like my hair was starting to thin out a bit. I used it quite diligently and it seemed like one day earlier this year I suddenly had a lot of hair, close to what I had had at least 10-15 years ago. Not only does it appear thicker, but its quality has also improved.

-Tara J.

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